Destroy The Monoliths is a single-player real-time strategy tower offense roguelike where you explore a randomly generated map, mine the terrain to get resources, and build turrets to both protect your base and fight corrupted monoliths that keep spawning ever more minions.

Why a free open alpha?

The development started in October 2022 and the game is currently in alpha state. The goal is to get as much player feedback as possible to refine the core gameplay loop before adding a lot more content.


This alpha version offers to experience a whole roguelike campaign, i.e. a set of 12 missions. During a mission, the player spawns in a randomly generated map and must besiege and destroy all the corrupted monoliths scattered around the map in order to win. If the player dies and cannot re-spawn anymore because their base core was destroyed, the mission is then lost and must be restarted. Through damaging the monoliths, the player collects level-ups that offer new technologies like building blueprints, weapons and relics.

As the campaign progresses, maps get bigger, while enemies get stronger and more numerous, so missions get more challenging. But the player keeps all the technologies acquired in previous missions. You are thus better equipped to face the increased danger!

The following content is currently available:

  • 36 possible map configurations (6 types x 6 biomes)
  • 6 types of enemies
  • 8 different weapons to mine and fight
  • 26 different buildings (divided in 4 categories: attack turrets, status effect turrets, support buildings, and biome-specific buildings)
  • 30 relics with unique effects

The game also offers:

  • Controller support and fully remappable inputs
  • Localization into English and French
  • Autosave

NB: You may encounter performance issues or audio delay with the web version. If that's the case, please give the downloadable version a try!

What to expect from the full game?

The goal is to work on the following aspects:

  • Add more weapons, more buildings and relics
  • Add more enemies and refine the difficulty balance
  • Enrich the exploration aspect with biome-specific traps, abandoned structures, events or modifiers
  • Maybe add a final boss to complete the last mission of the campaign
  • Add a journal with game stats, achievements and lore entries

The game is in active development and the current plan is to release it in 2023. If you wish to support the development, you can:

  • spread the word and let your friends know about this game,
  • give feedback to help the developer improve the mechanics and make sure the game is enjoyable [you can use the comment section below or the contact form here],
  • or make a donation while downloading this alpha version.

In any case, thanks for your support, it helps a lot! :)

About the developer

Radiant Sloth is a solo indie game developer from France. His debut game Skycliffs (action shooter dungeon-crawler roguelike) was released on Steam in 2022. He is now working on his second project, Destroy The Monoliths. To follow updates and devlogs, check out his blog: www.radiantsloth.com


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